The friendliest, most people-loving   tech guy you'll ever meet!

You need a great website that talks directly to Your customers.

Don’t let technology or your own mental blocks stop you from being the contribution to the world you know you can be!

  • How do I get my website going?
  • How do I create a blog?
  • Now that I have a blog… what do I write?
  • How can I hire a web designer that I can trust?
  • What is Twitter/Facebook/blogging all about?
  • How do I get people to come to my site?

I help coaches get their website working and their social media strategy organized so that they can become visible and get more clients even if they are scared of technology or are “Computer Illiterate.”

Once you have your website set up and your computers organized, you can get right to the work of creating value for people, contributing to the world, and making money. And I know that you will gain freedom, wealth, and satisfaction from the work you do.

Right now, you have to handle a lot of things; some technology, some concerns about conducting your business and marketing, perhaps some internal struggles with old beliefs. How do you manage all of these things and still have time to actually talk to the people you want to inspire?
I can help you with that!

At the start, there are so many questions (mostly around the Internet bits) that make the business side of your work seem so daunting. It doesn’t have to be.

Often enough, it’s more a question of simply what do I do next? Who knew that starting your coaching business would require you to know so much about so many different things?

Then, there’s another thing you will need to learn about and figure out how to manage… and that’s You!

Why aren’t you as succesful as you dream? It’s just your mind and your resistances to doing everything that needs to be done. I can help you with that!

Many coaches that are starting their businesses are often stuck just getting the basics going. I’m here to answer questions, offer support, and help you get your coaching businesses going and growing. I offer a combination of Coaching, Consulting, and Training to inspire you.

Call it what you want: I can help get you past anything that is stopping you from playing on a larger stage, getting your voice heard, and being a massive contribution!

Let me partner with you to figure out everything you need to get handled to be successful in your coaching business and Get IT Started!

What will you get working with me?

  • You will be inspired to get your technology handled.
  • You will know what tools to use.
  • You will have less stress and more confidence.
  • You will get your speaking personality represented on the web.
  • People that don’t know you will get to know you!

What’s Next? Please visit my blog to see what’s new and interesting, take a look at the Services I offer, or check out the helpful Resources!

If you are interested in getting your coaching  business rolling, serving the people that you want to serve, and selling the products you know they’ll love, please contact me to set up a free session to see how working with me can create amazing changes in your business!