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If you read around this site a bit, you’ll see that I don’t really write that much about technology here. That’s weird!

You see, I’m offering much more than technology. Sometimes business tips, sometimes humorous, and sometimes thought provoking. Whatever I can think to write about a couple of times per week.

I’m not a pro-blogger out to make millions through Adsense. I am a coach that has almost 20 years of technical background and I want to help small businesses get their word out. That’s what juices me up and makes me happy.

Thanks for coming by and hopefully we can work together. You’ll get an online presence and I’ll get the satisfaction of helping you through some difficult things so that you can help someone else be more awesome, too! Thanks!



Just in time for Thanksgiving and to show my thanks for all of the great contributors to the world, I am offering my first discount.

Because I want everyone with a message to get it out there AND because coaches and speakers have contributed to my life so greatly, I am offering some super-fly web site creation for the cheap!

10% all of my Web Design services for the rest of November.

Please contact me about what you want to get set up and let’s get IT started!

Thanks to those I’ve worked with, people I’ve networked with, those that have helped me and that I have helped. I love you, people!!


Self Expression

by nicolasconnault

image by nicolasconnault

I had a conversation with someone about expressing themselves. She said she thought she was very self expressive. My question was, “All the time?”

She said that sometimes, like with her parents for example, she acted a little different. Perhaps she would stifle a funny comment she thought of and she knows that some subjects are just not allowed to be discussed.

That isn’t being fully self expressed. If you alter your way of being, stifle yourself, hold it in, or don’t speak because you fear how someone will react, then you’re not being your most authentic you. And, you’re choosing their reaction for them.

Be you and let them be themselves in their reactions. Life gets juicy this way!

Now, nothing’s wrong. People do what people do and if it works for you, great. BUT, we’re talking about something that perhaps you do so often that it’s unconcsious. And it is having more of an effect on you than you think. It probably isn’t doing you any good.

Perhaps, when you were young you learned to be good, to not cause waves, or to “hide your light under a bushel” as the old saying goes. Maybe that’s good advice for a child of ten years. Parents don’t want their kids to grow up to be boastful braggarts. But as adults, being more free and honest with what’s going on inside allows for deeper connections, more intimacy, and more creativity.

So this week, really pay attention to how you act differently with different people. Do you ever catch yourself from saying something or really feeling something until later when you’re in a “safer” place? Take a moment to just feel it. Does it settle somewhere in your body? Are you warm or chilled by it? Is it tight or do you feel sort of airy and detached?

It’s good to notice because now you can see that it’s been having an effect on you and you’ve just not been too aware of it. I’m asking you to now be aware of it. Now you can  decide if it really does serve you to play a role, act a part, or shut yourself down instead of being the vivid, interesting, fun, or colorful character that you know, in your heart of hearts, that you really are.

I am not asking you to be a boor, a brash braggart, or an insensitive lout. While all rules and societal norms are made up, we do have customs and “rules” that are in place to keep people from beating on each other. (Not that they always work, but that’s another discussion.) Don’t go out of your way to piss people off or be mean on purpose. Just consider that being a different person when you are with different people is taking something away from you or using up your energy.

Be bold and audacious. Have fun. Laugh and love people. Be YOU as richly and authentically as you can. The world loves people like that and needs more of them!

You don't need credentials to validate your worth!

CertificationMy entire career has been made up of two service offerings, neither of which actually required being credentialed in order to be successful: Web Design and Coaching.

Now, of course, there are credentials that exist in both of those. You can become certified by various large, widely recognized groups.

BUT, you don’t HAVE to play their game. Turns out that you can be a succesful life or business coach (or web designer) without submitting the required documentation and doing the hours of training.

Life experience and training in other areas may be fine to get you going. And then a good resume or testimonials and referrals may be all you need to keep going and become amazingly successful.

I am not telling anyone to forego getting trained. I see the usefulness of having those systems in place, just like I see the usefulness of having universities. But, a large percentage of the richest people in the world don’t have a college degree! It is not Absolutely Required.

So, you COULD be a great, famous, and wealthy coach just be getting out there and coaching people. How is Tony Robbins doing?

The most important point of what I am saying is perhaps you’re a new(er) coach. You’re not yet certified. But you’re working on getting your training finished, or your calls recorded, or logging the hours that are required for ICF certification.

I know, trust me I know, that sometimes when speaking to a potential client, or your friends, or someone at a networking meeting, the little voice in your head is calling you out as a fraud. “You’re not REALLY a coach, yet!”

Just say, “Thanks for your input. Now watch me coach!”

You are a coach because you know yourself to be. You’ve made a difference and you have a burning desire to do it more.

You know that you have something valuable to offer to people. You’ve helped someone get past something difficult or helped another reach unexpected heights. Good on ya!

You are a coach and probably a damn fine one! Don’t let your inner conversations stop you from having meaningful, powerful real-world conversations.

The credentials will come later… or not. Start working with people now. Give them your best to make them their best!

And thank you for making the world a better place!
I love ya!

Please tell me what you think in comments below. I welcome praise, but will cheerfully accept disagreement, too. :)

6ccess: Success is in your hands!

Ivy Lee gave Charles Schwab a blank sheet of paper and told him…

  1. List the six most important things you have to do tomorrow.
  2. Number them in order of importance
  3. Tomorrow morning – start with 1 and stay with it until completed
  4. Only then go to 2 and repeat until the end of day.

If you don’t finish you probably wouldn’t have finished anyway – when you realize this you know when to say, “No” to a new task or give it to someone else.

That is the simple time management system Lee gave to Schwab for his managers to use. After a 90-day test period in which Every Single One of the managers had massively increased productivity, Schwab voluntarily paid Lee $25,000 (over $200,000 in today’s adjusted dollars)!

It boils down the most important items that you can find in entire chapters of time management books. It’s actually quite simple:

1) Prioritize. 2) Do the work!

I understand the Law of Attraction and I’m a HUGE fan Positive Thinking. But, my life changed when I finally got it through my head that success comes from consistent hard work.

Reading that makes me want to go back and change it because it seems so god-awful DUH! But, it’s true. I don’t think I’m alone in having thought that things will just work out, or perhaps something great will just happen, or someone will swoop in and help. After a few conversations this week with friends from various countries, I thnk that it may be an American thing.

(If you have thoughts about this, please comment below.)

As I’ve said a few times here before, it’s important and more fun to have a great perspective on your work; be inspired to keep working.

But, no matter what game you create for yourself to do it, what matters is that you actually get things done!

Try Ivy Lee’s formula for success OR as I like to call it 6ccess. Pick your most important tasks for tomorrow and then work through the list.

You may be amazed at how much you get done this week.
I’d love to hear about your 6ccess!

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Do people come to your site, but not buy your coaching or your products?

I’ve been a member of this group since it started and it’s amazing! You can get your questions answered there and some really great support in getting it done.

There are so many helpful, giving, and Smart people in this group, I am constantly impressed!

It consists of people at all levels; brand new folks can ask questions that will be answered by people 1 or 2 steps ahead of them in the game AND top level professional bloggers.

Chris Brogan, Darren Rowse, Sonia Simone , Brian Clark, Johnny B. Truant and many others are on all the time asking provocative questions, answering requests for help, and creating a great welcoming atmosphere.

You’ll learn about marketing, blogging and business, copywriting and you can join  some great brainstorming sessions.

Besides the fantastic and always busy forum, there are monthly seminar calls where you can hear interviews of successful, money-making folks. And, you get to ask questions in the forum for them to answer on the calls, too.

If you are looking to have a better online presence and get visible, then you should definitely check it out!

It’s one of only 2 membership sites that I am in and recommend. I’ll write about Dave Navarro’s program once he opens it up again for new folks.

Check out the Third Tribe!
 (Yes. I am an affiliate. If you purchase, I can buy a lunch. Yeah!)

Coach as entrepreneur

gapingvoid - Successful

I get a daily newsletter from gaping void that shows Hugh Macleod’s cartoons. I think that they’re fun and often thought-provoking.

Today’s cartoon, entitled Successful grabbed me enough to go to the site and peak around. (Further testament that email marketing and sending newsletters works!)

While I was there I ran across this article: random thoughts on being an entrepreneur

I think everyone starting a business should print this out and refer to it at least once a week. It can help you get through the rough times and inspire you to keep going.

Some of these may not apply to you, but I would bet that at least half will. Perhaps you don’t have a product yet, you just coach one-on-one. You need a product, too! Find a way to make money while you’re not working directly with a client.

Follow this instruction! 15. Write the following on a piece of paper, have it framed, and stick it on your office wall: “Have you hugged your customer today?”

Be in contact with your clients outside of your normal coaching schedule. Send a hand-written note for a birthday or holiday. Make a drop-in call that they didn’t request and create a deeper connection, or maybe send them a resource for something other than what you’re working on. (You know them enough to know what’s valuable to them.)

22. One successful entrepreneur I know well has a wonderful quality, namely that he never, ever compares himself to other people. He just does his own thing, which actually serves him rather well.

Sure, there are coaches with more clients, making more money, coaching from the beach… So what? You do the best you can for the people that you work with. That is all.

I’ve talked to many coaches that seem to understand this principle in many areas of their lives. They don’t compare themselves to their friends, to their own past career, or their contacts in other businesses. But, in their business as a coach, somehow it sneaks in!

We surf the net and talk to other coaches and that insidious little voice points out how much better those “other” coaches are doing. How much money they’re making, how many products they’re selling, and look at all those nice testimonials!

They’re not better than you and it doesn’t matter anyway. Be great with the people that you serve and you will be as successful as anyone.

You can be a 6-figure coach!As a coach, you are an entrepreneur and you’re running a business. If you’re not running it like a business, then you won’t be one of those “golden” 6-figure coaches. Get contracts, a business plan, marketing and financial plans.

I know you just want to get to the good stuff; working with people. But, if you skip the business parts, then you’ll have less opportunity to do so.

Read Hugh’s article and get back to me and tell me what the impact is on you. Thanks!

Life is good!

Pic by Ocva @

The Long View

When I start a project, I just naturally start with the end in mind.

What will success look like? Who will be there? How will we celebrate? Who benefits?

This includes lot’s of different sensory inputs so I get the feeling of success. That’s what pulls me forward when things get rough or annoying. I am driven by inspiration. And I just assume that is the way that many other coaches and speakers do it, too. That’s been my experience.

If you haven’t been doing this, then try it out; write down the whole picture of how it’s going to be when it’s complete. If you find that hard to do, get a coach! We’re all about creating futures and then working with you to make it happen.

Positive thinking is not some hokey, new age-y dream. Being positive gives you energy and lets you see the success and drives you towards it. Being negative (or “realistic”) drains your energy. And really, if it’s probably not going to work out in the end, why should you work too hard on it? (Say that line in your best Eeyore voice.)

I understand that it’s not always easy to do this. It’s my natural tendency. I do it almost always without any contemplating whether or not I should be positive or not this time.
AND… sometimes in the middle of something, I lose it. I get caught up in the minutiae of the details. OR I get mad, sad, or stopped because I just plain don’t Want to do the next step(s).

(This relates to my post Building a Cathedral in that the key to success is in your perspective.)

Most contributors are “people people” they’re not “technology people”. I would guess that, if you’re reading this, you know the joy and excitement that comes from helping someone get around or through something. It’s the juice that keeps you going.

You’d coach 8 hours a day everyday if it was just that; working with the people.

You’d spend months writing and rewriting a speech just to get that hour or two in front of people and the chance to change their lives.

But, there’s more that needs to be done. It’s a business and a business requires some other tasks to be handled. if you haven’t already, then you need to go read The E-Myth by Michael Gerber. My focus, of course, is getting your website up and working for you.

Stop putting it off! Stop worrying about how it’s not quite right. And really, don’t pay someone thousands of dollars to get it built and then rely on them to make simple text changes on their schedule.

  1. Buy a domain
  2. Get WordPress installed
  3. Choose a theme
    Thesis costs, but is great and fairly customizable. Most “big name” bloggers use it.
    Atahualpa is more customizable, a little more tech scary, and it’s free. I use it and love it.
  4. Get to writing!

It’s not hard and it’s not scary.

And remember these really are just some simple steps you have to take in order for you to get out in front of the people you want to help.

Go now. They’re waiting for you!
Every day you put it off, someone out there is losing their relationship, or hating their job, or is overwhelmed and stuck just that much longer.
Don’t let this little task you have to get done get in the way of you helping them!

A tech minded solution for great relationships

So, I am a tech guy and I think pretty linearly. I look for elegant answers to complex problems.

AND, I’m into relationships, too. As a matter of fact, I’ve been with the same woman for more than 18 years.

I know that people have been searching for this answer for years. And this topic has been the basis for hundreds of jokes by stand-up comics. But, I have a valid solution and I hope that everyone will take this to heart and create happiness and peace in their relationships.

I offer you the “magic bullet” to making relationships work!
It’s pretty simple.
(Before you look below, you MUST realize that I mean this advice for BOTH sexes. Not just for men, as it is usually cast.)

Look at this diagram:
Put the seat AND THE LID down
If the seat is down, close the lid over it.
If the seat is up, Put Them Both Down.
Everyone. Every Time.

Yes. You will have to open the toilet every time you need to go.


  • No complaints about someone forgetting to put the seat down.
  • Nobody is going to pee on the seat.
    Well, someone might, but they’re so drunk that you should be happy they’re not peeing in your fridge. (Which I have a true story about, but will not share more now.)
  • Equality! Everyone will have to open the lid to go.

Yes. I know that this is seriously off topic for what I usually write here. BUT, this is my place to offer value in whatever way that I see fit. And I see this as just another problem I can help with!